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Technology Program


Tassajara Hills Elementary School provides an enriched learning environment that promotes the use of technology and supplies the resources to integrate technology into the daily educational curriculum of our students, thereby achieving or exceeding the SRVUSD and National Educational Technology Standards.
Our teachers are independent users of technology, utilizing computers and presentation equipment in the teachingprocess to engage and motivate students to become active participants in their education.
Project-based computer lessons are developed and delivered collaboratively by classroom teachers and technology instructional specialists, focusing on the use of technology as a transparent tool to enhance understanding of core curriculum subject matter for math, science, social studies and language arts.
In the classroom, teachers engage students using presentation projectors and document cameras to deliver lectures enhanced with images, videos and online interactive visuals. Instant assessment quizzes are given using remote answering devices.
Students learn to use electronic research tools such as the internet, online library catalog, and subscription based multimedia sites to gather and analyze information. Internet safety and ethical issues are addressed beginning in 1st grade. All students use Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint) as well as other educational software such as Sunburst, Kid Pix, and Harcourt in addtion to our on-line curriculum supplements.
A staff technology committee meets regularly to continually assess our ever changing technology needs. For all our technology needs (hardware, software, supplies, maintenance costs, subscriptions, replacement of old and failing equipment, etc.) generous parent donations in addition to our PTA, Site council, and Foundation help provide financial support for our program. Together, we provide an environment where students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and our local community work together to ensure a quality academic program supported by the wise and meaningful use of instructional technology.


Students in Computer lab
We have a 32 PC, computer center completely equipped with multimedia projection and sound system (Measure A funded). Classrooms also have fully networked computers for daily student use with a 1:5 computer to student ratio in most classrooms. We have over 200 computers on our campus and are continuously being replaced on a five year (at best) recycle period.


In addition to curriculum support, our school technology specialists initiate all technology related purchases, install, maintain, and support all technology hardware and software including computers, printers, multimedia equipment, cameras, email, etc. They develop and present after school enrichment programs to students and professional development to teachers and staff as well as supporting staff with day to day problems. The technology specialists administer and support the school instruction network, the parent-school email communication system and our wonderful Tassajara Hills website.