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SRVUSD Volunteer Requirements Link

There are so many ways to help at school. Art, Classroom, PTA, Foundation.
We wanted to let you know about a few more areas where Even 30min-2hours of your time can make a difference!


Sign up HERE
Sign-ups are helpful for staff planning but not required.
Everyday 7:40-8:10am
Help keep students safe and traffic moving during morning drop-off.
Grab an orange safety vest in the office any morning and jump right into helping.
Kind greetings, help with car doors, and more eyes on safety will all help with drop-off.
Mondays & Wednesdays are the most needed.


Sign up HERE.
Help Ms. Rebecca distribute lunch. Everyday 11am to 1pm. 
Help Monitor Students during Lunch. Wednesdays 11:30am-12pm & 12:15pm-12:45pm.


Sign up HERE.
Attend a training session with fellow parent Chanpheng Klehr
Next Stop by the Copy Room during school hours and look for awaiting copy jobs.
Signing up helps staff plan when to have copy jobs ready.
Drop Off volunteers
Drop off Helpers - Thank you Bevin, Monica, Erin! 
Cafeteria volunteer
Learning the lunch ropes from Ms. Tam.
Copier Machine
THE Copier - Don't be afraid­čśÇ