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Weekly Update #4 | Draft Plan for Reopening
Posted 6/24/20


Thanks to the work of staff and our steering committees, who have taken into account the tremendous amount of feedback that we have received from the community via our focus groups, surveys, our online form, email submissions and other sources, the SRVUSD has developed a draft Planning and Guidance Document that outlines options for moving forward with students’ return to school for fall 2020. At last night’s Board of Education meeting, staff presented the draft document to the Board. As planned, no decisions were made at the meeting, but the Board Members previewed the options and gave feedback. The complete draft Planning and Guidance Document is available for viewing on our website.  You can find a link to the Contra Costa County Office of Education’s 2020-2021 School Reopening guide on our website, as well.


To help us with the next step of planning, we encourage you to view the draft Planning and Guidance Document, learn about all the options being discussed and provide your feedback. Please know that all feedback, no matter how it is submitted, whether in person, through surveys, or through our online submission options, is considered equally. After gathering input on the draft Plan, we will formulate the final Planning and Guidance Document and present it to the Board for a decision in mid-July. 


Your opportunities for feedback include:

  • Focus Groups: On Thursday, July 2, beginning at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., we will hold a second set of focus groups specifically targeted towards feedback on our reopening ideas.  Should the number of responses exceed the number of spaces we have available, a lottery will be held in order to determine who will be joining us. 

  • Survey: We invite parents, staff and 6-12 grade students to complete the Reopening Plan Survey specific to your group. These surveys will be available until July 5. Results will be shared on our website at a later date. You can click on the links below to access the appropriate survey. The student survey links will also be emailed to email addresses.

  • Input Form: You are invited to fill out our open-ended Input Submission Form with any specific comments, concerns or suggestions you may have. 

  • Email: You can email your ideas to at any time.  


We need you to know that guidance and orders from State and County agencies change weekly, sometimes daily. We are closely monitoring these changes and are conferencing regularly with other Districts to make sure that we are using the most current information available in making our decisions. 


We thank everyone who has participated in this process. We continue to make decisions that have never been made before and we are committed to providing options that are best for kids and families.